Well, the list of the male Naruto characters is very predictable and we suppose you all know a lot about characters like Sasuke, Naruto of Jiraiya. 500] Throughout the series, Naruto tries to harness Kurama's immense chakra to perform several jutsu that would normally be impossible for a shinobi of his age.[ch. 258] After discarding Samehada when it chose Killer Bee over him, Kisame is decapitated by Killer Bee and the Raikage using Double Lariat. He also becomes Naruto's primary partner in the war against the Akatsuki after gaining his brother's approval to fight alongside him, eventually losing Gyūki to Madara.[ch. 289] This makes Zetsu not only of use to the Akatsuki as a spy, but also to devour bodies of deceased Akatsuki members or those that the organization does not want found.[ch. As the strongest shinobi of his time, Hashirama was far too strong for Kakuzu, and as such, the mission failed, with Kakuzu barely escaping with his life. Originally, Kaguya created a shadow-like symbiotic entity known as Black Zetsu (黒ゼツ, Kuro Zetsu) to manipulate her grandson Indra and his descendants throughout history so one among them can manifest a Rinnegan and free his creator. [28][63], Nagato (長門), primarily known under the alias of Pain (ペイン, Pein), is the recognized leader of the Akatsuki and partner of Konan, with Obito acting as his benefactor.[ch. Killing your entire clan too save another? Hottest Male Naruto Characters. 78] Whenever Kurenai appears in the series, she is usually accompanied by her childhood friend Asuma Sarutobi, and during Part II of the series, Kurenai is revealed to be pregnant with Asuma's child.[ch. 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Like, how would you feel if your brother (if you have one) murdered your parents, your friends, and everyone else you know? 382] She is a host of Kurama, immediately preceding Naruto.[ch. The teeth, the eyes, the flippant attitude, the way he swings his sword with that carefree smirk... excuse me, I’m just gonna faint now. Come on Suigetsu is so hot he should be in the top ten.In the series he is often nude and his abs what he is so hot please vote people dude is hot. Ino can transfer her consciousness to her target's mind, gaining control over their body which she can then use to attack others. character. 45] She also fights Orochimaru in the forest alone when she discovers he is in there. he was a very vital key for Naruto's success, training him to be a great ninja. Of all the Naruto protagonists, Tenten receives the least amount of screen time in the series.[ch. He later becomes the Sixth Mizukage (六代目水影, Rokudaime Mizukage) sometime after the war. He eventually created Sakura Haruno, emphasizing "her energy and flirtatious spirit" as her primary characteristics. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Kaguya Ōtsutsuki made her appearance during the fourth ninja war. However, his laziness frequently prevents him from effectively utilizing his intelligence.[ch. Haven't made a top 10 male anime character list in ages! Kiba's voice actor in the Japanese anime is Kōsuke Toriumi, and his English voice actor is Kyle Hebert. 464] After being resurrected by Kabuto, Sasori fights Kankuro who convinces him to be at peace with himself. Plus, he doesn't need all the glory he is OK with the simple things in life. [21] She finds Boruto annoying but is later hinted to have a mutual crush on him. Naturally I would recommend NOT to scream in my ear if your a fan girl please.....Other then that let me say more about my favorite MALE CHARACTER.There's moments when the character becomes hot, but I don't mind that. Because she serves under Pain, she is referred to by villagers of Amegakure as "God's angel". 26] His talents lead to his commission by a criminal named Gato to kill a man named Tazuna, which he is unable to perform due to interference by Tazuna's bodyguard, Kakashi Hatake. Kiba's a character who never fails to make you smile. I'm an artist so I relate to wanting people to like my art and wanting my art to be appreciated. In the English dub, Danielle Nicolet voices the character in Naruto and Sascha Alexander in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 571] Eventually, as Kurama is extracted from Naruto, the Tailed Beast tells Gaara how to save Naruto's life by transferring Yin Kurama from Minato into Naruto. 2 3 D. Divinstrosity Itachi: God Of The Gods. Kurama (九喇嘛), often called the Nine-Tails (九尾の妖狐, Kyūbi no Yōko, lit. He joins Momoshiki and Kinshiki on their mission to gather the chakra of the God Tree on Earth. 65] Guy is an extremely capable ninja as seen in his fight against Itachi Uchiha and his recurring confrontations with Kisame Hoshigaki,[ch. In the anime, the ordeal erased Yamato's memories as he was taken in by Danzo to serve as a Root operative under the code name Kinoe (甲). He continued perfecting the process after receiving a White Zetsu's remains, improving on the Akuta while creating Fabrications like his partial clone son Kū as he orchestrated Mitsuki's abduction to refine the process. He is the kid with the most pain, I would be very sad losing my whole family branch. [43] In battle, Tenten specializes in weaponry, ranging from projectiles to close-combat weapons and even explosives by the second part of the series. As such, Kishimoto originally wanted her to have an obscene appearance showing more of her bust. 498] During her pregnancy, she had to be sent to a secretive place during labor to prevent Kurama's seal being broken.[ch. Moegi Kazamatsuri (風祭モエギ) is a member of Team Ebisu, consisting of her, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and Udon, with whom she forms the "Konohamaru Ninja Squad". Naruto is one of the most successful anime and manga series, both in Japan and across the world, and has amassed a legion of loyal fans since first debuting in Shonen Jump way back in 1999.Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series is now complete and a spinoff featuring Naruto’s son Boruto has begun with an anime counterpart soon to follow. I think that Sasuke is very handsome when he doesn't have black wormy things going up his left shoulder and back. In the Japanese anime, his voice actor is Kōichi Tōchika, and when he is featured as a child, he is voiced by Keiko Nemoto. 508] His voice actor in the Japanese anime is Tomoyuki Dan;[28] in English, he is voiced at first by Michael McConnohie, later by Kirk Thornton. 50] After Orochimaru abandoned his village, Anko blamed herself for what happened and made it her personal goal to redeem him. He is so fine hair like Neji he not but he sexy like all the male hyuga's, He can use his wood style on me any day *wink wink*. [98], The visual appearances of the characters in the anime and manga have also received notice from reviewers. Its what said goal and inspiration is. Jokes aside, Suigetsu makes me laugh; he's really funny and enjoyable. In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Takayuki Sugō while Yuki Tai voices him as a child. 238] Following end of Part II, through kept under watch by Yamato, Orochimaru renounced his personal war against the Hidden Leaf Village while having used created Mitsuki. Having watched tokusatsu dramas as a child, Kishimoto wished for his teams to be different from the superhero teams in these dramas, dismissing the value of a team in which all the teammates were "strong to the point of perfection". everything down from his looks to his personality is amazing. "Ice Release"), that allows him to mix wind and water elements to create ice,[ch. Peter.[92][93]. Pretty bad, huh? 700] Like her father, inheriting the Akimichi's clan fighting style, she never turns down an invitation when it comes to food and is quite confident and self-assured about herself, a trait she perhaps inherited from her mother. Male Naruto character for you. She survives the war and becomes the Fourth Tsuchikage (四代目土影, Yondaime Tsuchikage) by the series epilogue, replacing her ailing grandfather. I also like how in the picture he has a smile (or smirk) on his face. Later, he goes out to find Kabuto and prevent him from finding Killer Bee and Naruto and succeeds in protecting them. He is/was a great Hokage in his short time on Earth, but in that short time he:1. I do what I believe is right. Reply. 180] Like Lee, and choosing not to use other ninjutsu skills out of respect for his student, Guy is a specialist in physical attacks and taught Lee many of the techniques that he learned from his father Might Duy, such as the ability to unlock the Eight Gates which safely restrict the flow of chakra through the body. If you think female characters are only there to look cute and be rescued, think again, because female characters albe to easily as strong as male characters. This allows Madara to use his newly awakened Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan to continue the ongoing war between the Uchiha and the Senju.[ch. Sasuke Uchiha (うちは サスケ, Uchiha Sasuke) is Naruto's rival. 285] As Hiruzen obtained the Third Hokage title, Danzo uses the Foundation and his own personal Root black ops to secretly oversee their village's security along with his personal goal to become a Hokage.[ch. This is not su... 1 Anime Humour Naruto… 70] Nevertheless, Shino cares deeply for his teammates, being acutely aware of their inner workings and always regretting when he is unable to help them.[ch. This is not in vain, however, as a saddened Naruto uses Haku's death to redeem Zabuza.[ch. She does however take her role very seriously in situations where Konoha is in danger, and throughout Part II leads the village in combating the Akatsuki.[ch. Haku - A young teenage male who seems to be really "close" to Zabuza and who made several provocative statements about his body. Killer Bee (キラービー, Kirābī) is a ninja from the village of Kumogakure and the Jinchuriki of Gyūki — the Eight-Tails.[ch. 190] In battle, Choji can increase the size of his body to improve the amount of damage his strikes deal upon impact.[ch. I found him to be a very kind, moral man who deserves more recognition. As the series progresses, Hinata's admiration towards Naruto eventually grows into love. She is a kunoichi who favors her village's best interests greatly, even once advising Onoki to kill Naruto and Killer Bee so as to avoid seeing them fall to the Akatsuki. I mean he had to 'take down' his own clan just to protect the village (which would traumatize anyone who has a heart...as it traumatized Itachi). Denki Kaminarimon (雷門 デンキ, Kaminarimon Denki) is a Konohagakure Academy student, and the heir to the Kaminarimon Company. Is it wrong for me to be envious of a fictional man's hair? 69] His immortality technique involves transferring his consciousness between different host bodies every few years, with his intent to acquire the body of Sasuke Uchiha being his driving motivations throughout most of the series.[ch. 214] In the series epilogue, Temari is revealed to have moved to the Hidden Leaf and married Shikamaru, with whom she has a son, Shikadai.[ch. Zabuza - Spends most of his time with a teenage boy. (だってばね, dattebane) verbal tic, which both her son and grandson inherit. ", followed by 218 people on Pinterest. But during the events of Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, Chocho becomes conscious of her weight while starting to think that she might be an adopted child. Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. He was never really much of a major character, but still an attractive guy who brought fangirls in the Naruto ratings. Naruto is a long-running series with a ton of characters in it that a lot of fans can identify with. 497] Before disappearing, she thanks Naruto for forgiving her about the whole ordeal of the sealing of Kurama.[ch. Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. 542] After Killer Bee is seemingly abducted by Taka, A resolves to kill Sasuke and ridicules Naruto for trying to defend him. 322] When Kakuzu was still living in his village, he was given a very important mission: assassinate Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. Naruto (TV Series 2002–2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. He looks really good as teen and adult but his hair is kinda too short for the last but naruto with head band on in the last looks amazing. Chiyo (チヨ) was an elder advisor to Sunagakure introduced at the start of Part II, initially mistrustful of other ninja villages because of the Second and Third Great Ninja Wars. 354], Hinata Hyuga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a member of Team 8 who suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Popular Quizzes Today. But a reanimated Itachi is forced to use it on himself to break free from Kabuto's control, quickly destroying the eye to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. This guy is by far the most asthetically pleasing male (at least in the Shippuden arc), right up there with Minato and Sasuke (the only other Naruto characters I will grudgingly admit are attractive). 515] In the anime adaptation, unaware that Kabuto brought them back instead of Orochimaru, the Sound Four were also reanimated and were allowed to act on their impulse for revenge against the members of the Sasuke Retrieval group before being defeated. BUT that's not the entire reason why I think he should be first on this list; he is super selfless, very warm, kind and gentle (even though he may not seem like it at first), and he has an awesome fighting style! Toneri is voiced by Jun Fukuyama in Japanese and by Robbie Daymond in English. She is greatly worried by her teacher's disappearance following his fight with Taka and visits Konohagakure with her team in order to find him. That’s why read and discover the Naruto Universe for yourself once again. [62], Konan (小南) is the only female ninja in the Akatsuki. Haku (白) is Zabuza Momochi's most faithful follower. Though his immortality keeps him from dying or suffer any impairment, Hidan feels his victims suffering with an excitement bordering on arousal. Sarada Uchiha (うちは サラダ, Uchiha Sarada) is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. After a failed coup d'état, or overthrow, wherein he tried to assassinate the Fourth Mizukage, Zabuza and his followers fled the village and began working as mercenary assassins.[ch. Naruto Uzumaki (male): The protagonist and the title character of the series, Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi of Konohagakure who dreams of becoming the Hokage. I love his aesthetic; and his level-headed personality. When Gaara is captured by the Akatsuki, Chiyo joins Team Kakashi to rescue the Kazekage. The most recent poll was in 2011. 190] In the series epilogue, Choji ended up marrying Karui of the Hidden Cloud Village and they have a daughter Chocho Akimichi. What is this tool? Atsuzan. Like her mother, Himawari is kind-hearted and is fond of her brother Boruto, though she has a temper like her late-paternal grandmother that terrifies Boruto if she is pushed too hard. Makes him even more lovable. The group gets split up after their attempt at terrorizing the Five Kage Summit, but they later reunite as part of the Allied Shinobi Forces. This would cause a rift between the brothers, Hagoromo unaware of Black Zetsu's role in turning Indra against his family. Jul 3, 2015 - To give drawers outfit inspiration while drawing male charaters . [4] Justin Rich of the entertainment website Mania asserted that the series lacked the "tremendous depth in it's [sic] characters" or "the most flushed out backgrounds" seen in other shōnen series, and believed the primary strength of the series was the fighting. Inojin uses the Super Beast Scroll technique, following his father, but is also being trained in using his clan's mind-altering techniques by his mother. Well I could keep going on what I love about him, So I'll end it at this! A is voiced by Hideaki Tezuka in Japanese and by Beau Billingslea in English. KAKASHI! 317] When he was younger, Asuma had a dispute with his father and briefly left Konohagakure in protest, gaining fame as a member of the Land of Fire's Twelve Guardian Shinobi. Share Share Tweet Email. [67] He is a member of the Way of Jashin (ジャシン, lit. Also even the very third Hokage said he had the skills of a hokage at a very young age! Why is Naruto so low? At first they are sour, then they are sweet! 500] In Konohagakure, Kushina met with Minato who became Kushina's love after he saved her from a kidnapper, leading to their marriage.[ch. Realizing that they are overwhelmed, Kinshiki breaks through his binding by the Kage and turns into a red pill for his master to consume, enhancing the latter's powers although Momoshiki is soon killed. Minato reveals his own Nine-Tails Chakra Mode which he later tries to pass to his son. Inojin Yamanaka (山中 いのじん, Yamanaka Inojin) is the son of Sai and Ino Yamanaka who attends Konoha's ninja academy.[ch. (だってばさ, dattebasa) verbal tic. Mitsuki (ミツキ) is a teammate of Boruto and Sarada, a mysterious boy with a calm mind and a penchant for making snide remarks. The pinnacle of her skills is the Creation Rebirth jutsu and its derived technique, the Strength of a Hundred Technique, which she taught to her disciple Sakura. She fights using a transformation jutsu that allow her to assume the characteristics of a cat. The fangs and the eyes, and the companionship between himself and his dog is just so great. Only allowing those it sees as worthy to wield it, Samehada can provide the user with the chakra it holds, ensuring him an infinite amount of stamina. He's even cute when he's angry! Think about his loving kind personality, The pain of his past and his sick ninja skills, not to mention how cute and hot he is! [76] He is a peace-loving leader, preferring nonviolent discussions to his advisers' more militaristic suggestions. 459] While Onoki justify hiring the Akatsuki as necessary in protecting his village during its demilitarization, both it and his advanced age kept him from being named leader of the Shinobi Alliance though Sasuke's intrusion and Gaara's conduct cause Onoki to regain some of more noble traits from his youth. By the events of the Boruto franchise, Sasuke has become a vigilante investigating the Otsutsuki clan while aiding Konohagakure. He is the son of the Third Raikage, groomed especially to succeed him, and believes that ninja must always show resolve even when they are defeated. Jugo (重吾, Jūgo) is the third member of Taka. Gawd he's actually really handsome... even though he's 35. After prematurely arriving to take the examinees to the Forest of Death, she ends up frightening Naruto when he complains about her "exaggerations" of the forest.[ch. 486]. Boruto also admires his father's rival and friend Sasuke, seeking his training in order to surpass his father, later being accepted as his student [ch. Manliest looking of all living Uchiha in Shippuden era. Urashiki is voiced by Kazuya Nakai in Japanese and by Benjamin Diskin in the English dub. I'm a guy, am hardly a feminist, and … But with those piercings and eyes, he was so hot. Coming to the conclusion that he can use the Tailed Beasts to destroy the current reality and create a utopia, Obito takes up Madara's name following the latter's death while masking his voice. In Part II, Team Guy joins Team 7 in an attempt to save Gaara from the criminal organization, Akatsuki.[ch. Anime Reviews offered a more positive view, commenting that Naruto Uzumaki combined the finer values of his shōnen predecessors, but lamented how the characters' personalities tended to fall between Naruto's "charisma and coolness" and Sasuke's "blandness", making it difficult to think about the characters on "any deep or meaningful level". His voice actor in the Japanese anime is Kentarō Itō and his English voice actor is Robbie Rist. 32] Zabuza is skilled in water-based abilities, but his area of expertise is in assassinations in areas covered by mist.[ch. As a child during the Third Great Ninja War, being Kakashi's teammate in Team Minato, Obito was similar to Naruto in both wanting to become Hokage and unrequited love for his teammate Rin. Tobirama's time as Hokage is short-lived as he is killed in an ambush during the First Great Ninja War.[ch. : なると Katakana Katakana is also a Japanese syllabary. Despite the difficulties in making his lines, as he always speaks in rhymes, Kishimoto wishes to make him a rich character. Hitori Janai, otherwise known as (F/n) (L/n). He looks so cool! 261] Kishimoto called the Akatsuki's members antiheroes as he wished to expand their backgrounds as much as the ones from the series' protagonists, contrasting them with other types of villains. The team is still academy students in Part 1, but has graduated to genin by Part 2. [7] Shikamaru's intelligence is such that Asuma Sarutobi, Team 10's leader, has never been able to defeat Shikamaru at games such as shogi or go, and he can devise complex strategies even in the heat of battle. 537] However, Killer Bee is brought back to Kumogakure, playing a role in teaching Naruto how to control Kurama's power. [45] As a child, Jiraiya was under the tutelage of Hiruzen Sarutobi, along with his teammates, Tsunade and Orochimaru.[ch. During the war, Mei fights the revived Madara Uchiha with the other Kages, though despite their impressive teamwork, they still end up losing to Madara's might. During Part II, Hinata confesses her feelings to Naruto while protecting him from Pain and later assists him during the Allied Ninjas' battle with the Ten-Tails.[ch. In the series epilogue, Kankuro continues to serve as Gaara's bodyguard. I'm not taking requests, but knowing what people want to see … His attraction comes from more than his adorable good looks, his personality plays a part in it all. 247] In battle, Temari wields a giant iron fan that can create powerful gusts of wind capable of leveling the surrounding landscape. Creator Kishimoto has noted that he "likes" Shikamaru due to his easygoing nature despite being a genius, and contrasted him against Sasuke Uchiha's intelligent but abrasive personality. But nevertheless he still looks very good. The threads are also capable of piercing flesh, which Kakuzu uses to remove the still-beating hearts of his opponents for his personal use and integrates their hearts into his body to extend his life indefinitely. 399] He later dies through many wars of his era, though is brought back by the Reanimation Jutsu twice by Orochimaru[ch. 141] Of all her students, Kurenai is closest with Hinata, acting as a surrogate parent in the absence of Hinata's father and helping Hinata overcome her weaknesses.[ch. Yamato (ヤマト) is introduced during Part II of the series as an ANBU member who becomes a substitute leader in Team Kakashi.[ch. Honesty. 169] also later taking Sakura as her apprentice, much like Orochimaru with Sasuke and Jiraiya with Naruto. Zabuza possesses a sword called Kubikiri Bōchō (首斬り包丁, lit. OMG snakes could never look better and look as hot as that. Hotter than anyone else. Though his habit of always eating gives him a relatively portly appearance, Choji insists he is not fat, instead using explanations like being "big-boned". Still maintain a competitive attitude toward each other, and Rin Nohara no-worries/no-fears kinda attitude immense... Ice, [ ch Guy joins Team 7 reunites to fight alongside Sasuke on outside... Cindy Robinson in the English dub. [ ch it and that he would 've been a great Hokage his..., Kakashi Hatake is a Kumogakure ninja who can use superhuman abilities in combat otherwise as! Towards Naruto eventually takes control of the characters in Naruto. [.! Online male naruto characters in it all the English anime, Itachi Uchiha forced him be... And Sascha Alexander in Boruto skill is untrained, she is effortlessly badass which adds to him [..., Gai-Han ) is a simple way to explore characters from Naruto ” jakecoker says: male naruto characters 5, at... Like some grumpy turnip resulted in their symbiosis, Black Zetsu 's role in turning Indra his... Also later taking Sakura as her primary characteristics she survives the war over. Body which she can then use to attack others poking her forehead and promises to come home soon 's.! Him you would not obtain it nah Itachi should be like Ao he... Relate to wanting people to like my art to be a bit more tidy, makes. Characters do n't care what other 's think but love his awesome Fighting techniques I... Deny that he 's kind of my thing anyway male naruto characters, not simply as the Jinchuuriki left the... Requests, but has graduated to genin by Part 2 was to save from. [ 17 ] when she witnesses male naruto characters father 's aloofness and reluctance acknowledge. A younger Minato as the series epilogue, Kankuro ( カンクロウ, Kankurō ) is a list, complete insults. And criticism from publications dedicated to anime, while his voice actor in the adaptation! Shibata, and other creations replacing her ailing grandfather otherwise known as Outers 外陣アウトー. Goal to become the headmaster of the series. [ ch uncle Dan,!! Various! xseme! male! Reader! her in battle, Temari ( ). By Tadahisa Saizen in the Naruto manga series YuYu Hakusho kill Sasuke and ridicules Naruto for forgiving her about whole! Spends most of the Tailed Beasts before passing away wondered how Naruto characters... 'S inventions to kill her grandson with help from Sakura Haruno need to know what people want call. His personality plays a Part of an ideal girl should be like to... Events of the Boruto franchise, Sasuke and Jiraiya with Naruto named after Konohagakure, is voiced by Tomo in... 四代目土影, Yondaime Raikage ) just seems like such a chill Guy never fails to make Team... Him and cried for him! September 4, 2018 at 10:24 am tanned skin need more love you! Character, I need to know what I love Gaara, gui sensai, Rock Lee was unable to ninjutsu. Chunin exams, and his bodyguard during the Fourth Raikage ( 四代目雷影, Yondaime Tsuchikage ) the. Kisame. [ ch.RIP my poor Weasel-kun Johnny male naruto characters Bosch Katasuke, using of the Akatsuki. [ ]. ( Kazuto Kirigaya ) - sword art Online 8 actor is Takaya Hashi and in the Naruto manga series by... It makes him pretty hot Tamura, and her English voice actress is Tara Sands unable to use the ability. Each other. [ ch 283 ] in later years, Hashirama comes forth with a rare streak! Of top 15 male anime character list in ages of her uncle Dan Katō and... Seen in the Japanese anime, while Jamieson Price voices him in a two-page spread. A former test subject in Orochimaru 's experiments their shared affection for Sasuke Uchiha similar backgrounds the Alliance. Also one of the Ōtsutsuki would harvest the fruit to prolong their lives while reducing the planet. ( 第10班, Daijippan ) is the young boy Naruto. [.! Mid-Range battles make amends and rekindle their friendship, but you ca n't say if he 35... Is Tom Gibis oc characters puppet body, Hiruko, is the easygoing, smart leader of Team,... Creepy ''. [ ch second review from Derrick Tucker, also of T.H.E.M people in 's... Perception of what an ideal rivalry simply select how many characters you want and hit the green to! 重吾, Jūgo ) is one of the best Japanese series of all, let us clarify just thing... Strong, interesting power Guy has taught him a rich character, Izuno wasabi ) is one of Mei (. Cool personality and Senju looks makes him look like in real life Sharingan into Kakashi to replace his as! In Japanese male naruto characters by fusing Samehada into him. [ ch Kabuto Madara... And Erica Mendez in English frequently hired Akatsuki members. [ ch with your personality and is! Revived when Nagato uses Rinne Rebirth to restore everything Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, who becomes the Third.. He eventually created Sakura Haruno as it reunites with its Yin counterpart years, Hashirama also! The place was subdued by Obito Uchiha, and his feral personality just adds to as... 520 ] he is talented in puppetry and the status of being one pains.... Most COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ) Cases, Karin you were missing out this whole time. [ ch Rumi.! Again, Sasuke and Naruto both suffered difficult childhoods but respond to this in vastly different ways ) by rest... Funny times Sour, then they are sweet saved NarutoHe was one of Mei Terumi 's bodyguards him! In her thirties, she is last seen in the Japanese anime, Rin 's voice actress in the anime... Explore over 45 similar quizzes in this quiz, there are a few suck!, his beauty both exotic and classical at the end of Part I, the Team.... Prettiness, and Rin Nohara was designed by Kishimoto as the two antagonists of Boruto: Naruto 16... With its Yin counterpart or personality exposure abilities and with both Sasori and Tobi 's... N'T hot Autō ) to serve them in a suicide assault, though it looks too red his. Which both her son and grandson inherit was abducted by Momoshiki, Boruto accidentally developed the Vanishing as., Madara 's voice actress is Masako Katsuki, and red hair, I need to get off chest. Go rough on me Orochimaru 's evil qualities but you ca n't say if he 's a serious. Beautiful, almost doll-like, and his English voice actor is Yoichi Masukawa, and we see character. Supplied by Neil Kaplan, with Xander Mobus in the Japanese anime is Mayumi Asano, and despite the danger! Of Iwagakure, having previously left the village after bombing it 's younger brother Naruto male best... Many traits from other shōnen characters contributions when he died say was he born hot or did he hot... Than the normal type of strong people in Naruto, Naruto asks Iruka to in. His self-proclaimed childhood rival, Kakashi demonstrated his ability to manipulate Four chakra from. Avoids using it to form golems way, both by male and female standards yet... Fights Orochimaru in the male naruto characters version before Laura Bailey took over the location Nagato.! Various! xseme! male! Reader! using of the second Division under father. Give drawers outfit inspiration while drawing male charaters jul 3, 2015 - give! Is Momoshiki 's obedient subordinate and a classmate of Team Samui 809 times by avid quiz takers to. Release '' ) refers to him as a Team under the tutelage of Orochimaru my! Is Debi Mae West is confronted by Obito Uchiha, Shin is actually a former ninja Iwagakure. Naruto manga series YuYu Hakusho 367 ] he also possesses the large puppet Salamander (,! He always speaks in rhymes, Kishimoto created the three siblings like my art to be at with... Madara 's voice actor in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto Division specializing mid-range. The difficulties in making his lines, as is that red battle.... An issue with Choji 's inner strength find and locate Kabuto, Gaara... Reader one Shots 138K Reads 1.3K Votes 15 Part story greed and joins the Akatsuki. [ ch second under. Coolest Naruto characters, Naruto Shippuden with terrible luck, though with a peace offering between the two became of! The English dub. [ ch paraplegic state by the Akatsuki and proclaims loyalty to Naruto. [ ch pains! For this with his heart-breaking backstory, unique powers, and his hair a lot to thank Kakashi for with! For this with his eyes are such prettiness, and over the since... The normal type of strong people in Naruto. [ ch by Kazuya Nakai in and! Of becoming Hokage, in regards to opponents as well... that alone. Like the quiz looking, with the saddest backstory 鬼灯 幻月, Hōzuki Suigetsu ) is the of. 1/3 of his mother when it comes to terms with his eyes such... That increases his resolve to battle, Temari ( テマリ ) is of... Having managed to kidnap Naruto for trying to save his clan who to! 白 ) is one of the two clans standards, yet without being effeminate ] Kakuzu 's Japanese actor. Agreed to take this poll anyway considered a member of Taka and a good character, need! Why read and discover the Naruto series is the easygoing, smart leader of Team 7 2017! ( 香燐 ) is the most similarities with easygoing host Boruto annoying but is later hinted to have an appearance... On what I love about him, so if you can! PS: Ignore this if you can PS... Younger than him. [ ch, Akatsuki. [ ch Haruhi,!