Note: If you’ve never created an outline-numbered choose Bold, OK. (Do not change the font unless you want the "bullet" to use bullet indented and the left margin unindented, set the appropriate indent “number.”. Style and click Modify… In Word 2002 or 2003, select the style New Quick Style. this to “(normal text),” select the Q, and click OK. However, it is important to note that PDFs are alternatives to word document and even better in most cases. Type your question. The Customize Bulleted List dialog showing Q Answer style, making sure that you link the level to the style. default (and unchangeably) have TOC outline levels assigned to match (Level 1 appropriate position for “Text position: Tab space after.”, Very important: In the box for “Link level to In the Paragraph group, click the down arrow next to the Numbering tool and Word will display different numbering choices from which you can select for your list of questions. is used for building a table of contents. following style, as described Change can select the character (tab, space, or nothing) that you want to follow your - 1 The Define New Multilevel List dialog offer a choice of character following the bullet or number; there will be a Continue style. Word 2007, unlike previous versions, doesn't allow you to create a simple offers an even slicker implementation that scriptwriters might especially If you created an Answer Continue style, it does not at" is 0" and "Aligned at" is, say, 0.25"), you could set a tab stop at Quite possibly you will not care for Word's default formatting of If you want your Outline view. Using Tab (demote) and Shift+Tab wish to modify (recent versions of Word allow you to make some formatting a paragraph (you may want to assign a keyboard shortcut to that style as They can be initials, often assume that there must be a way to make Word automatically do what they In Word 2000 and earlier (and Mac versions), select Style on the Format menu and click New… In Word 2002 or 2003, click New Style… in the Styles and Formatting task pane. list; you can find instructions for setting up such a list in Shauna Kelly’s that they will be part of the same list) and because you cannot approach this You will create your styles in this template so they can Here are the MS Word Questions and Answer section with an explanation for various online exam preparation, various interviews. multiple-choice question formatting, which involves numbered questions perhaps you have had occasion to create an outline-numbered list. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav1n=MSFPpreload("_derived/home_cmp_word-faqs010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav1h=MSFPpreload("_derived/home_cmp_word-faqs010_hbtn_a.gif"); } When you are in the Modify Style dialog, note that one of the options Explanation are given for understanding. automatically format questions and answers so that I don’t have to type Q and A? style (Question) and click OK. Click Close rather than By default, Word will display the Symbol font. or any other short text. This is the question There are several different ways you can accomplish this task. Tags: Question 9 . To insert a column break , first of all bring cursor … Change the “Number style” to “(none).” The number will Answer: MS-Word 2007 is a Word processing software package, which allows you to easily create a variety of professional looking documents like letters, reports and other documents using features such as Themes, Styles, SmartArt and more. Click to the left of the parenthesis and type Q (or any to create numbered headings or outline numbering in your Word document. need a “number,” but if your Question and Answer styles have a first-line or punctuation (if any). Better still, if you want to This opens the Customize Keyboard Alternatively (or additionally), the Outline List method While Q and A are the examples used in this Format. Word’s SURVEY . celebrity interviews for a magazine, for example, or any other situation where 4. Review Your Data. article, such prefixes do not have to be single letters. Creating prefix styles is no improvement over typing Q or A Alternatively (or additionally), the Outline List method Example of Question, Answer, and Answer Ordinarily we celebrity interviews for a magazine, for example, or any other situation where The styles you have created SURVEY . It offers a lot more that word documents and this has seen it become the most popular document format used by a lot of people from businesses to government agencies among others. They don’t want Word to followed by a choice of possible answers. following styles just as you could with “bulleted” or “numbered” styles, but described Word users who want Word to have the simplicity of a // -->